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New Orleans Youth Mission Day 1


Youth Mission Trip 2023!!  New Orleans!

The first day of the Youth Mission Trip began with a bang, while we had a couple issues we persevered and remained positive. 

Leaving the church at 4:00 this morning to start the day, on our way to the Baltimore airport our first turmoil came with the Conowingo Dam not working and a detour being taken.  Finally reaching the airport we discovered the news that the plane was delayed forty-five minutes, leaving us to discover and explore the airport.  After the wait we finally and safely boarded the plane, flying out and reaching New Orleans with a congratulations from the Southwest crew on our mission courtesy of Alexa Musser chatting with the attendant.  We landed by 10:15am or 11:15am for PA time, however the takeoff delay wasn’t the only wait, with the kids needing to camp out in the airport waiting two hours for rental cars.  After leaving successfully, behind schedule, we went to a mall food court for lunch, many kids delighting in Subway.  By 3:00, twelve hours after we left, we finally reached the church being welcomed greatly and kindly enjoying an awesome dinner with them at 6:00.  Following devotions and worship in this new sanctuary, the kids started getting ready for bed but not before the last debacle of the night.  The boys deciding to play basketball before the humidity became a little too much for them going later to Planet Fitness kids spent an hour to check in, unable to shower until tomorrow morning remaining “stinky but happy”. 

Though the start of the trip had its bumps, it was very enjoyable and the kids cannot wait to continue the trip and see what Christ has in store for us.