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New Orleans Mission Trip - Day 5

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The fifth day of the youth missions trip was a tired one. The day started bright and early at 7:00 in the morning for breakfast and devotionals, we headed to the sancuary for a calming exercise with Ms. April. We did a prayer walk around the church and prayed over the kids and leaders. This was truly a great way to start the morning and it left us feeling very surrounded with God’s grace and love. Vacation Bible School’s theme today was Jersey Day so all of the kids were sporting their Saints and LSU pride when coming on arrival. We sure did stir them up with our eagles fan love! But the day itself was a great day learning about Daniel and the lions. With learning to trust God, singing in his glory, beanbag games, and a lion plushy the day had us excited for the rest.

Once again the three squads broke up into groups to serve the community for three hours. The boys and girls club were super happy to see us coming out again, and played games like basketball and telephone to enjoy the time. The yard working group had made such an impact with the owner of the home she cried tears of joy. The group had made such an impact in her life, and she told her story to us. They then prayed for her and that showed us that we had helped a felt needed in the community.

Lastly, the third group stayed back at the kids camp were surprised with how the kids were truly comfortable with us. It hadn’t been but three days and they were just so happy and were making jokes with us. It was definitely much better than the first time we were there and we really saw it. Our day finally caught up to us and we were pooped. It had definitely been productive but needed some sleep. The day ended with words from Ms. April, devotional time, showers, and songs. We were ready for our second to last day of VBS!

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