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New Orleans Mission Trip - Day 3

The third day of the youth missions trip was hectic. The fitness group lead by Todd, woke up (not by choice) around 6:00 in the morning. After our workout, we did our morning devotions and read the Bible. We then joined the ladies for breakfast, cooked by some of our youth! Right after breakfast, we went to the sanctuary and started Vacation Bible School. For the VBS, we joined with some of the Riverside church volunteers!! Olivia, Luke and Quinn did the opening with a great start and a lot of excitement! After the opening, the kids split up and went to different stations, including the Lesson, Crafts, Games and Snowballs (similar to snow cones in PA)). The closing was adventurous with Ian and Courtney wrapping up the first day of VBS. After a little break and some lunch, we helped at a Day Camp Riverside church runs. We played dodgeball and various card games and even won a couple. Kids also did activities like coloring and Just Dance. Once camp was concluded we had a little free time. Some of us took a nap and others went to the basketball court and had a dunking competition. For dinner, we all loaded up in the Vans, known as the Amish Paradise and the Music Mobile, and went to a member of Riverside Churchs house. They provided a delicious dinner, and open their pool to our group, which felt very refreshing. We then went to planet fitness for showers came back and had worship time with our group!

Be sure and check out the video below to see some amazing basketball skills by our very own CLPC youth!

mission trip day 3aMission trip day 3cMission trip day 3 bMission trip day 3 d