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Old Cemetery

Old Chestnut Level Cemetery is located in Drumore Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Situated on the corner of River Road and Slate Hill Road it is enclosed by a three to four foot high stone wall with a thick slate top. Entrance is gained through an iron gate. Inscribed to the left of the gate is: "Chestnut Level Cemetery Founded 1725" while on the right is inscribed: "Wall Rebuilt 1905". The first burial (based upon a readable monument) was in 1726.
In 1935 an inventory found 287 tombstones – 98 slate, 172 marble and sandstone, and 17 of the large flat kind. Those doing the inventory claimed that there were more slate markers in this cemetery than in any other that they had visited.
We have made a plot map (Plot plan of Old Cemetery) to aid you as you discover this cemetery.
Listing of Old Cemetery is a listing of names for those buried here we have accumulated from various sources. If the name has a number in the ‘Plot’ column, then you will be able to find the location of their marker in the cemetery using the Plot plan of Old Cemetery. The reason there is no number can be that a marker is not readable, broken off or simply there never was a marker.