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June 29, 2020 | by: Rev. John Hartman | 0 comments

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“Aged to Perfection”    
Yesterday was another great day of worship at Chestnut Level. At 8:00 A.M. the weather was beautiful outside, the music upbeat, and the preacher not half bad. It was a joy to welcome Connor Musser, Olivia Musser and Luke Smith as Communicant members at Chestnut Level. I thought that things went off without a hitch, despite the parade of Amish buggies passing by us on Chestnut Level Road. Even the occasional car and truck that went by were very respectful of our worship time. 
At 10:00 A.M., more people came into our Family Life Center than the previous weeks, as there just seems to be a comfort level in people venturing out more. Despite some technological hiccups, Mike Henry, Ben Pontz, and Kurt Wagner worked hard to keep the train on the tracks, and even make me sound half way decent, which is not easy to do, especially as I get older.
I turn 58 years old today. 58! Where does the time go? A while back, I was down in Charlotte to visit with my son, Tim. We went to a store to grab a couple of Gatorades, and on the way in, there was an older gentleman who was also getting ready to enter the store. So, I swung the door open wide, and stepped back so that he could go through first. Well, he must have appreciated that because he smiled and greeted me with a cheerful, “Thank you, young man!” I thought, “Young man! That feels pretty good!” Well, we got our drinks in the store and headed over to the UNC-Charlotte campus to play some pick-up basketball at the gym. And so, after we chose up teams, one of the players on the other team, who was a student, pointed his finger at me and said to his teammates, “I’ve got grandpa.”  I thought, “grandpa?” In the span of less than 30 minutes I had gone from “young man” to “grandpa!”
We can all get a little sensitive about our age. And let’s face it, these bodies age and change as we grow older. And we try our best to postpone the process of aging. I have seen people at Planet Fitness running on the treadmill, riding the exercise bike, and moving so fast on those elliptical machines, I sometimes wonder if they are trying to climb a stairway to heaven. What drives us may be all those advertisers who bombard us with commercial messages that say you have to feel young, look young, think young, and act young, because only if you are young, -- are you of any value. Psalm 90:2 makes the ultimate statement, “You are the God of eternity; from everlasting to everlasting, you are God.”
Now, “eternity” is a very difficult subject to grasp in our minds unless you have ever stood in line at the DMV. Waiting and waiting as people register their cars, pay their taxes, get a new driver’s license, or turn in their license plates, makes eternity a very easy concept for us to grasp. The gist of the Hebrew text is, “From vanishing point in the past to vanishing point in the future, -- you are God!” The whole purpose of our being together in worship is to lift our voices in praise and majesty to the God who created this universe, these bodies, and all that is in them. As the late Christian writer, Dallas Willard once said, “We’re in training for reigning with God forever.”
Whatever your age, 28, 38, 48, 58, or even 88, we are to continue to worship, learn, live, love and serve, knowing that even when we are just a little weary, or hot and bothered, God teaches us that each and every moment on this earth is a precious gift from Him.