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May 19, 2020 | by: Rev. John Hartman | 0 comments

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“Calm Assurance”  
I don’t know about you, but his whole Covid-19, coronavirus, quarantined, stay-at-home-order stuff has gotten really frustrating, tiresome, -- and the end is still not in sight for those of us living in Lancaster County. It has created fear, in some cases panic, caused us to alter our ways of living, and let’s be honest, it has all been a bit unnerving even to the best of you. So what do we do? We look for ways to vent and unload with all of these pent up feelings. I have seen people get on Facebook, and start throwing verbal grenades at those who hold a different position on this matter. There seems to be no end to getting sucked into someone else’s rant and unhappiness, and then wind up rolling around in the social media mud with people with whom you disagree. 
Let me encourage you to resist the temptation. It isn’t worth it. It is unbecoming of our Christian faith, and only reflects poorly on our love and devotion to Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper – it only leads to harm” (Psalm 37:8). I am not saying that we should lack passion in our beliefs, or stifle the freedoms we have to express ourselves. However, does it always have to be a zero sum game? Does it have to include name calling and nastiness? Is it really necessary to always have to get in the last word?
We need to be like the 84 year old grandmother who fiercely maintained her independence and lived alone in the old family home. Her four children lived in the same town, but she rarely called them except in emergencies. It was with some apprehension, therefore, that one of her sons drove to her house one morning in answer to her phone call. When he arrived she said she suspected that there was a burglar in her bedroom closet, since she had heard noises in there the night before. “Why didn’t you call me last night?” he exclaimed. “Well,” she replied, “it was late, and I hated to bother you, so I just nailed the closet shut and went to bed.”
Friends, that’s the kind of attitude a Christian can have when faced with all of these pent up feelings of disappointment and despair. Nail the door of fear shut and go to bed in “calm assurance.” If you do, I believe you will be honoring your faith in Jesus Christ a whole bunch more, and in addition, you are going to get a much better night’s sleep.