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From The Pastor

February 8, 2019 | by: Rev. John Hartman | 0 comments

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From the Pastor
Our Monday morning Men’s study is reading a book by the Christian writer, Leonard Sweet, which is titled, “The Gospel According to Starbucks.” In it, Leonard Sweet draws parallels between the coffee “experience” that Starbucks provides, and the kind of experience of Jesus Christ that the church should be providing. 
He writes, “Christians have much to learn about faith as a lived experience, not a thought experiment.” In other words, theology, doctrine, and dogma are important in establishing a set of systematic beliefs, but they lose their impact in our daily living if it remains all head knowledge. What we know in our heads is insignificant if it doesn’t take root in our hearts. Again, he writes, “Life at its best is a passionate experience, not a doctoral dissertation.” Our faith in Christ should be a genuine and authentic expression of who we are, not just in the words we speak, — but in a faith that is lived out every day in practical, tangible ways. 
As I think about Chestnut Level Church, I don’t want people to just know God, but to have an experience of God. Our church should be a place where people can learn, grow, and serve in all the ways that God is leading us. So that in all of the ministries of the church (worship, discipleship, care, mission, and fellowship), our bonds as a community of believers would be strengthened because of our devotion and passion to Jesus the Savior. May your passion for Him bring you more joy and more delight than any cup of coffee at Starbucks.  
Pastor John
Quote of the Week
“The strength of the church is not the strength of its institutions, but the authenticity of its witness.” Leonard Sweet
Leonard I. Sweet is an American theologian, semioticianchurch historian, pastor, and author.