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From The Pastor

January 20, 2018 | by: Rev. John Hartman | 0 comments

From the Pastor

In the mid 1800’s, Charles Blondin, a famous tightrope artist, safely made it across Niagara Falls on a cable wire that stretched from Canada to the United States, before a crowd of several hundred thousand admirers. He did this several times. One time he placed his trusty sidekick Joe in a specially designed wheelbarrow, and then pushed him safely over the water as the crowd gathered screamed and cheered wildly. After he got across he spotted an excited 11 year old boy named Billy in the crowd. He said, “Billy, do you believe I can take you safely across in my wheelbarrow? A confident Billy replied, “You bet, Mr. Blondin!” “Okay then,” challenged Blondin, "Get in!” Billy quickly got lost in the crowd and was never heard from or seen again. 

There is a big difference between saying you believe and “committed” believing. There is a big difference in what Billy said, and what Joe actually did.

Jesus wants us to be committed believers. We are not to be people who just nod our heads at the appropriate time or say, “I do” if we really don’t mean it. And just as God calls pastors, elders and deacons into a distinct kind of ministry, God calls all of us to carry out our faith on the high wire, with a firm devotion and commitment to carrying out his will for our lives. 


Quote of the Week

“The ways society measures success differ from the ways in which Jesus leads us.”  Eugene H. Peterson