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Friday, October 30 Devotional from Pastor John Hartman

Friday, October 30, Devotional from Pastor John Hartman
“Blind to our Sin”
When I was in Senior High Fellowship in the church I grew up in, our youth group was one time having a Halloween party. In one of those famous ice-breaker games, everyone sits in a circle and then one person is put in the middle of the circle and blindfolded. And then, everyone around the circle changes seats. The blindfolded person is placed on a person’s lap around the circle and tries to guess who it is by touching that person’s face. And for us teenage boys and girls, it was a way for us to have some good, clean fun and still keep our hormones in check.
Well, I got picked to be sat on by a blindfolded Beth Robertson. How significant was that? She was the “hot ticket” in Senior High who I had a huge crush on. So, she sat on my lap and then she ran her hands up and down my face and through my hair, and I loved every minute of it. And then youth leader asked her, “Well, who do you think it is? How would you describe this face?” “Ugly as sin” is what I think she said. Obviously, she was blind!
One thing is for sure. Sin is ugly. It interrupts our relationship with God, and the special people in our lives. There is no Halloween mask or blindfold that can cover up the stain of sin, -- only the cross of Jesus Christ. Christ’s sacrifice and forgiveness of our sins releases us from captivity and restores our sight in him as we claim him as Savior and Lord.
This Sunday, October 30, I continue my sermon series on the book of Genesis. This week, we will be looking at the biblical character, Abraham. Come join us in the sanctuary for our one and only worship service at 10:00 am. We will also broadcast this service on Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube.
Pastor John Hartman
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